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Small Business Solutions


As a small business ourselves, we take care of all of our Small Business accounts as we do our own operation. We understand that every business works within a limited budget, and needs the most reliable equipment to stay up and running. 

CompTech Services provides:

  • Product SALES 
  • Product SUPPORT & Maintenance
  • Product DISPOSAL

When it comes to Product Sales, we work with our clients to do the following:

  • DEFINE need: Identify PCs, Laptops, Printers, Routers, POS, Servers, and Security (etc) needed for your business
  • PROPOSE options:  Recommend Product that meets the customer's need within a specified budget
  • IMPLEMENT best solution:  Work with the customer to provide the best product and work environment possible

When it comes to SUPPORT and Maintenance, we offer multiple solutions, to make sure the customer is up and running as soon as possible, and at an affordable cost.

  1. Pre-Paid Hourly and Monthly Packages at Discounted Rates for On Site support  
  2. As Needed Hourly Support
  3. Package Rates for Specific Projects 
  4. Remote Support 

We partner with Recycling Operations that adhere to Federal Regulations in the disposal of assets as well as data to provide disposal services to customers that have old or excess equipment they need disposed of in an environmentally legal and safe manner. We can provide you CERTIFICATION OF DISPOSAL (COD) upon request. Asset Disposal, in most cases, is for free. (There is a small cost for LCD/CRT/Printer disposals)

Here are some of the local companies that we provide support and/or upgraded equipment to:

  • Rivage Day Spa, (
  • Burroughs Payment Systems (
  • Oakland Medical Group  Div  of Michigan Healthcare Professionals 
  • St. Luke Lutheran Church and School 
  • Elizabeth L. Martin, P.C. Attorney at Law
  • SarahCare  Daytime Senior Care and Activities 
  • Frontizo Cares 
  • Graduate Services
  • D&J Contracting, Inc.